Service in Duns Parish Church
22nd November 2020
• if there is a queue of people at the entrance, keep 2m apart - like at the shops
• there will be a hygiene station available so you can sanitise your hands
• you will be ticked-off on a ‘Track & Trace’ list. If you aren’t a member on the roll you will be asked for your name and contact details. These details and the register of attendees will be retained for 4 weeks then obliterated
• inside the building you should wear a face covering
• there will be marked seats to ensure people sit 2m+ apart. You will likely be directed to a pew to maximise the distancing and make best use of space. Of course, couples, families, households or social bubbles can sit together
• there will be no congregational singing but music or recordings can be played
Obviously, there will be no communion or coffee.
• there will be no pew bibles but do bring your own (similarly with cushions!)
• you will likely be directed on how to exit, at most sites via a different doorway
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