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Foodbank update - August 2021

Messy Church Summer Picnic Photos 

Messy Church Summer Picnic 2021

Foodbank update - July 2021 

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Wave of Hope

Foodbank update - May 2021

Home Together May

Wave of hope campaign

Foodbank update - April 2021

Job opportunity - Church Secretary

Foodbank update - March 2021

Easter Trail 2021

Foodbank update - February 2021

Foodbank update - January 2021

Christingle and Nativity 2020

Foodbank update - November 2020

Home Together Christmas

Foodbank update - October 2020

Remembrance 2020

Home Together  - monthly activity session from home

Foodbank update - September 2020

Harvest Thanksgiving Services

Foodbank update - August 2020

Cranshaws Kirk open for prayer

Foodbank update - July 2020

Foodbank update - June 2020

Foodbank update - May 2020

Foodbank update - April 2020

Foodbank update for March 2020

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Photos from Into the Deep

Into the Deep Activity Day

Fischy Music Activity Day

Fischy Music

New Minister

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Faith and the Blues

Messy Church in Cranshaws

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Summer Songs of Praise 

Summer Songs photos

Messy Church 12th May 2019

Guild Outing May 2019

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Saturday 27th October - Afternoon Tea with Prosecco

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Monday 27th August - Sponsored Hymn Sing

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Wednesday 18th July - No Strings

Tuesday 17th July - Working with Children

16th to 18th May - Christian Aid Book Sale

Wednesday 16th May - Guild outing to St Abbs

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Sunday 25th March - Messy Church

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Tuesday 13th February - Pancake Race and Supper

Friday 9th February - On the Farm Activity Day

Sunday 28th January 2018 - Joan Sanderson's Commissioning Service and Afternoon Tea

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Sunday 7th May - Burns Sunday

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Tuesday 28th February - Pancake day events

1st March to 5th April 2017 - Lent Study

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19th February 2017 - The Early Service with Ali Birkett

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Sunday 18th December 2016 - Pop up Nativity

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1st July 2016 - Marking The First Day of the Somme

26th June 2016 - Armed Forces Day Sunday Service

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Messy Church Celebrate the Harvest


Messy Church Celebrate the Harvest is on Sunday 19th September 2-4pm. 

Venue - one of the fields beyond the Golf Club carpark - weather permitting.

All welcome, please message to book.


Foodbank Update - August 2021

During August we delivered 14 food parcels which catered for 16 adults, 10 children and 8 pets. We provided 2 chemist vouchers.


Donations are welcome from the following:

​Coffee  (Small Jars)

Jars of Pasta Sauce  

Breakfast Cereal

Long Grain Rice

Tinned Potatoes


We received a very generous gift of money from Coldstream Parish Church for which we are extremely grateful. And as always, to all who contribute to the Foodbank in different ways we give our heartfelt thanks.

Messy Church Summer Picnic Photos 




It was great fun to be able to meet as Messy Church again! Several families joined us for a picnic in the Park with games, songs and activities following the story of Noah and God giving the earth a new start after the flood.

Messy Church Summer Picnic 2021

Messy Church Summer Picnic is on this Saturday 14th August in Duns Public Park 2-4pm.

All welcome, please message to book.

Foodbank update - July 2021


During July we delivered 14 food parcels which catered for 17 adults, 1 child and 3 pets. We provided 1 chemist voucher.


The following items are required:

Tins of Corn Beef

Tins of dessert Rice & Custard

Jars of Jam 

Jars of Pasta Sauce

Packets of breakfast Cereal 

Long grain rice


As usual our grateful thanks go out to all our volunteers, donors and contributors without whom we could not exist.

Foodbank update - June 2021

We delivered 18 food parcels in June, catering for 23 adults, 10 children and 12 pets. We also provided 1 chemist voucher.


A rather large request this month. We are short in a number of items.

Tins of Fray Bentos pies

Tins of Hot Dogs, minced beef & onion, Irish stew (completely out of these items)

Tins of corn beef (none in stock)

Tins of ham (none in stock)

Breakfast Cereal

Long grain rice


Small jars of coffee

Granulated sugar


Many thanks once again to all our volunteers, donors and contributors.

Wave of Hope 


Thanks to all who have contributed to our ‘Wave of Hope’ - especially Mrs Fettes’ and Miss Webster’s Primary 1’s! A photo of our display has now been sent to join others from across the UK on the Crack the Crises digital gallery which will be taken to the G7 summit this weekend.


Foodbank update - May 2021 

During May we delivered 16 food parcels, catering for 22 adults, 15 children and 9 pets. We also provided 3 chemist vouchers. So this has been the quietest month for some time. However, we are aware that things can change quite quickly.


The following are required:

​Tinned meat - Fray Bentos, variety of stews, hot dogs and corn beef

Breakfast cereals including porridge

Long grain rice


Tinned rice and custard

Coffee - small jars

Tinned vegetables

Toilet rolls

As always, we are very appreciative of everyone's generosity. Every blessing


Home Together May


Wave of hope campaign


Christian Aid along with around 70 UK organisations ask us to take action ahead of the G7 summit!


Join people across the UK in a ‘Wave of Hope’ by drawing, tracing, printing or painting a hand (preferably on recycled materials) adding your message of hope if you wish, for display in 6A window (Duns and District Parishes Church Office). Please drop completed hands into 6A or Duns Parish Church foyer by 31st May and let’s have as many hands as possible sending a clear message to our leaders!

To find out more visit: Christian Aid - Wave of Hope Campaign


Foodbank update - April 2021

We delivered 21 food parcels in April which catered for 31 adults, 14 children and 13 pets. Eight chemist vouchers were given out. The demand seems to be irregular from week to week. With the Foodbank we are reasonably well stocked in most departments.

The following are needed fairly urgently:
Sugar (Small bags)
Coffee (Small jars)
Tins of Meat e.g. Irish Stew, Minced Beef and Onions, and Chicken in White sauce and Ham

Plus a variety of all other foods on the list.

We are in this for the long haul. Thank you to everyone for their indefatigable attitude and giving. It is so much appreciated.

Job opportunity - Church Secretary


Job opportunity: Church Secretary

Hours: 10 hours per week

Salary: £10 per hour / £433.33 per month /£5199.99 per year

We can offer you: overlap training period, six weeks holiday a year, flexible working hours, work laptop, a well-equipped office and home working as needed

We are looking for: an organised, computer literate, empathetic and personable candidate, with the ability to manage their own time, take responsibility for the oversight of tasks and communicate clearly.

How to apply: email your CV, with covering letter and details of two referees to by midnight on Sunday 25th April 2021

Click on this link for the full job description

Foodbank update - March 2021

During March we delivered 25 food parcels which catered for 38 adults, 21 children and 24 pets. We also provided 6 chemist vouchers.

Again, the demand has been rather spasmodic with 3 parcels delivered in one week and 10 in another.

In terms of Foodbank supply we are short of the following:

​Jam; Tinned Rice and Custard; Tins of Pineapple slices and Pear halves; Long grain White Rice; Tins of Hot Dogs and various other Tins of Irish Stew and Fray Bentos etc; Tins of Chicken in White Sauce; Tinned Carrots.

A variety of all the other food on the list is always welcome.

Our grateful thanks to all the providers and helpers who do such a great service.


Easter Trail 2021


Come and join ‘In Search of Easter’, a treasure hunt for children and families using a series of poster style clue sheets that encourage conversation and help piece together the wonderful Easter story and its significance.

  1. First scan the QR Code on the Main Poster with your phone camera (or find it at to find out how the trail works.

  2. Next go to Duns Public Park and search for the other 5 posters which each give a letter clue. They are contained either within the poster which tells part of the story or in the video reached by scanning the QR code on the poster.

  3. Once you have collected the 5 letter clues, put them together to spell a password.

  4. Click on the ‘Piece it Together’ button displayed beneath each of the clue videos or when you scan the QR code on non-video clue sheets 1 and 3. When prompted enter your discovered password.

  5.  If you have difficulty at any stage please message.

Have fun!

Happy Easter!


Foodbank update - February 2021


February has been a month where the demand has been spasmodic, with one week delivering only 2 food parcels whilst in another week delivering 9 food parcels. A new child payment of £10 per week for all children under the age of 6 might have an impact on future demand but we shall see.

During February we delivered 21 food parcels which catered for 29 adults, 20 children and 22 pets. There was also provision for 6 chemist vouchers.

A great quantity of donations has just arrived into the Foodbank. For these and all other gifts of food we are very grateful. Our thanks go to all who have so generously given.

As a result, the Foodbank is well stocked and at present the only shortage is: ​Long Life Milk ​of which we are extremely short.


Foodbank update - January 2021


January, for the Foodbank, has returned to something like normal. During the month we delivered 29 food parcels which catered for 45 adults, 15 children and 13 pets. We also provided 2 chemist vouchers. 

All food and financial donations throughout January have been excellent. We are as always hugely grateful to all our generous providers.

Once again, we are well stocked in the Foodbank and are only short of the following:

Long Life Milk

Tinned Pineapple, Pears and Rice

Fray Bentos Pies


The needy in the community are most wonderfully cared for through this valuable service.


Christingle and Nativity 2020

Sign up for the Christingle kits here

Sign up for the Zoom link for the Pop-up Natvity here

Foodbank update - November 2020

We delivered some 29 parcels in November, catering for 37 adults, 11 children and 17 pets. We also provided 3 chemist vouchers. This represents a steady demand and reflects the prolonged furlough scheme. We suspect too that the free school meal scheme, plus the work of the community hubs, is releasing the demand a little on the Foodbank.

We certainly are playing a significant part in helping to feed the hungry in Berwickshire. For this, as always, we thank all of you who contribute so faithfully and generously to the Foodbank.

Thanks to very generous donations over the past month, we are pleased to be able to say that over all the Foodbank is reasonably well stocked.

We do need the following to help build up present stocks: ​Long Life Milk (very short of); Soap and Shampoo.

Also needed are: ​Coffee; Sugar; Tinned Custard and Rice; Tinned Fruit; Tinned Potatoes; Jars of Pasta Sauce.

We are OVERSTOCKED in the following: Tins of Soup; Chopped Tomatoes; Beans. PLEASE bring none of these items in the next month, and it will release much needed shelf space.

We are grateful to the following for offering to donate food to the Foodbank: Berwickshire High School, Duns Primary School and Duns Junior Football Club.

Lastly a reminder: the CUT OFF DATE for all CHRISTMAS ITEMS is SATURDAY 12TH DECEMBER.

Home Together Christmas

Foodbank update - October 2020


During October we delivered 28 food parcels catering for 42 adults and 22 pets. Two chemist vouchers were provided. The demand has been steady, and we think it will continue that way since the furlough scheme has been extended for a further month.

We are well stocked with the following items: Soup; Beans and Chopped Tomatoes. None of these items are needed over the next month.

We would welcome the following goods: ​Tinned Meat (meat balls, hot dogs, beef casserole etc) Butter Beans; Tinned Potatoes (much needed) Dried Pasta; Pasta Sauces; Breakfast Cereals; Tinned Fruit; Tinned Rice; Custard; Jam; Coffee; Sugar; Toilet Rolls; Shampoo; Dog Food (very short of this item)

Sadly, we are unable to accept donations of homemade Jam, Chutney etc. This is due to the very complicated Health and Safety Guidelines.

In the days running up to Christmas we very much welcome early donations of suitable items. In past years due to items being delivered pretty late and too near to Christmas, we have been left with Christmas items making it too difficult to distribute them.

To remedy this, the cut-off date for all Christmas items will be Saturday 12th December.

Thank you all for your commitment, hard work and generosity in supplying the Foodbank so well.


Remembrance 2020

Home Together 

Foodbank update - September 2020

During September we delivered 29 food parcels, catering for 45 adults, 13 children and 21 pets. We also provided 5 chemist vouchers. With the ending of the furlough scheme in October we are expecting an increase in demand going forward.

Again, the Foodbank is reasonably well stocked but we are short of some items which are in very high demand.

These are as follows: ​Small Jars of Coffee; Sugar; Assorted Tins of Meat (Fray Bentos; Corn Beef); Tinned Fruit, Rice, Custard; Jam; Breakfast Cereal; Jars of Pasta Sauce; Dried Pasta but NOT Dried Spaghetti. ​(This is the first time we have asked for Dried Pasta for 5 years!)

A reminder too that Fresh Produce is not wanted.

As well as the above, the usual mix of food in your giving, as on the Foodbank list, is obviously helpful.

Many thanks to all who continue to contribute so generously. It is much appreciated by all and especially the recipients!


Harvest Thanksgiving Services

Donations to Duns Foodbank will be most welcome. Currently the need is for the following:

Small jars of coffee


Assorted tins of meat (Fray Bentos, corn beef always in demand). 

Tinned fruit, rice, custard 


Breakfast Cereal 

Jars of pasta sauce

Dried pasta (not spaghetti please!)

Donations may be brought to the 11am service, or left in Duns Parish Church foyer weekdays between 9am and 5pm. Please remember to use the hand sanitizer provided when dropping them off - thank you!

You can also donate financially via the PayPal button on the church website (please reference this to the foodbank), or contact the church office for the bank details if you prefer. Cash donations can be put in an envelope and dropped through the church office door (6A Market Square), marked for the Foodbank, or brought to the 11am service.

Thank you in advance!

Foodbank update - August 2020


During August 38 food parcels were delivered which catered for 51 adults, 6 children and 14 pets. We also provided 4 chemist vouchers. The demand seems to be increasing which is possibly the result of the furlough scheme coming to an end.

The Foodbank remains in good 'health' and generally is very well stocked. As per usual there are the usual areas where we are running low.

These are: ​Sugar (small bags) none in stock; Tinned potatoes; Tinned fruit; Tinned meat - Irish stew, Hotdogs etc; Tea Bags; Coffee (small jars) Jam; Tinned deserts - rice and custard.

As always, many thanks to all who provide food. We are very grateful.

Cranshaws Kirk open for prayer

Cranshaws Kirk will be open for an hour (maximum) first and third Thursday of each month for an informal mixture of private and guided prayer. There will be some music, pictures and verses on screen to help us focus. Come and go as suits.


Times will be as follows for September:

Thursday 3rd       10 - 11am

Thursday 17th    12:30 - 1:30pm



Face masks and hand sanitizer will be available, and you will be asked your name and contact number in case track and trace is required.

Prayer Requests: please complete a contact form, these will be kept confidential if appropriate.

All are welcome to join though numbers are restricted!


Foodbank update - July 2020


During July we delivered 32 food parcels which catered for 40 adults, 1 child and 16 pets. Two chemist vouchers were also provided. It has been a busy enough month for the Foodbank.

As with last month, the Foodbank has large surpluses in many areas, and the usual shortages.

Here is the list of very large stocks of food: ​Soup; Beans; Tinned Pasta; Tinned Fish; Porridge; Rice; and the stocks of dried Spaghetti could feed an army regiment!

You will understand therefore that we DO NOT need any of these types of food. Remember too that the Foodbank has to meet ''sell by dates'' and we really don't want to throw food away.

What we do need is as follows: ​Tinned Veg especially Potatoes; Tinned Fruit; Tinned Rice and Custard; Marmalade; Toothpaste and we very much need supplies of Sugar.

Again, many thanks to all contributors of food. Our supplies are a testimony to your faithful generosity.

It's a while off yet but just a reminder that when Harvest Thanksgiving comes around, we cannot take any perishable food stuffs but donations are perfectly acceptable instead.


Foodbank update - June 2020


The Foodbank delivered 35 food parcels in June, catering for 45 adults, 8 children and 25 pets. We also bought 5 chemist vouchers.

These numbers are lower than in May. Miles Wrigley, who does sterling work on behalf of the Foodbank, tells me that this is probably due to the fact that the Community Assistance Hubs, formed during the pandemic, are now receiving some of the referrals from the agencies. Also, school meals continue to be provided for the foreseeable future.

However, in the days ahead when furloughing decreases and the resulting unemployment takes effect, there may very well be a further surge in demand. Time will tell.

In the meantime, thanks to all who contribute most generously - delivery and quartermaster teams and all the 'givers' of food.

The Foodbank stocks remain in healthy condition. Our thanks to all who brought in egg boxes and this supply will see us through until the immediate future.

We need the following:

​Tinned meat

Tinned Veg especially Potatoes



Cat Food

As always, our grateful thanks to all who contribute.


Foodbank update - May 2020


We have seen a rise in demand for food over the past few months but the month of May has seen an increase by 27% over April.


47 food parcels were delivered in May (39 in April: 23 in March) catering for 59 adults and 28 children. We also provided for 23 pets and 2 chemist vouchers. The delivery team and the quartermaster team have worked hard and done a great job!


The Foodbank, despite the above, is very well stocked at present due to the generosity of many. The list below is what we need now but nothing else.


Currently out of stock: Coffee and Sugar


We are very short of the following:


Fray Bentos style steak pies

Tins of: Stewed steak; Beef stew; Irish stew; Minced beef and Onions

Cold tinned meat e.g. Pork and Ham

Tinned Fruit

Tinned Custard

Jam and Marmalade


We also need: ​empty egg boxes  (6 Packs)


Once again, our grateful thanks to all who so willingly provide food. Also, to those who do both the practical and administrative work of the Foodbank that keeps it running so well.



Foodbank update - April 2020


The month of April saw quite an uplift in demand for food. In all 37 food parcels were delivered, catering for 55 adults, 16 children and 21 pets. Plus 6 chemist vouchers. 

This is the first full month since the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, and represents a 61% increase in referrals since March, and an increase of 87% in the number of adults and children catered for.

This problem as we are all aware is not going to go away soon.


The Foodbank overall is well stocked. Donations of food and finance have been overwhelmingly generous, for which we are deeply grateful. So many groups, organizations and individuals have stepped in to give and to help with many doing so anonymously too.

To all these, and they are too numerous to mention by name here, we thank you most appreciatively.


Present shortages in the Foodbank are as follows:

​Cold Meat, pork, ham and spam

Longlife Milk




As mentioned above the demand is increasing and we are grateful for the great variety of foods given as per the food list.


Foodbank update for March 2020

During March we delivered 23 food parcels catering for 26 Adults, 12 Children and 16 Pets. We also provided 5 chemist vouchers. Demand would appear to be picking up with 9 food parcels being delivered in the final week of March. We congratulate our volunteers for meeting the challenge in these difficult days.

 The Foodbank is well stocked with some items but there is quite a variety of food that we are definitely short of and indeed in some cases have none!

Needed quickly are the following: 

Tins of Meat: Hot e.g. Fray Bentos round tins; Irish Stew; Chicken Curry; Meatballs etc

 Cold e.g. Corn Beef; Pork; Ham; Spam - We have none of these.

 Tins of Veg especially Potatoes

Breakfast Cereal

Tins of Fruit, Custard and Rice

Jam (Only 1 jar in stock)

Tea Bags (Small boxes)

Coffee  (Small Jars)

Sugar  (Small Bags)  - Shelf empty

Long Life Milk

We give many thanks to those who make donations of money to the Foodbank, and for all who continue faithfully to provide food week by week. Thanks also go to Connect Berwickshire Youth Project who recently gave from their food surpluses.

Lastly remember that all food donations should be left in the Foyer of Duns Parish Church at the bottom of the stairs.


Explore (BCYT) - SU online event

There is an opportunity this Friday at 4.30 to take part in a Scripture Union event remotely online using Zoom, Mark Bruce will be attending so will see anyone there for small group discussion with you during the session. The event is called Equip.

It is an event exploring the theme of “Where is God During Covid-19”, Angus Moyes from SU will be speaking and we will split into smaller discussion groups. There will also be some games and a question and answer session.

If you would like to attend, please send an email to by Thursday 26th at 5pm.


Event: Equip

Theme: Where is God in Covid-19

When: Friday 27th March at 4.30

Where: online via Zoom (ask if you need help with this)

How to join: Email by 5pm Thursday including these details…


School and Year group

Say you are part of BCYT Explore

Photos from Into the Deep


Into the Deep Activity Day


Activity Day


Fischy Music




Guild week


To mark Guild week, one of our gifted Guild members has created this beautiful

window display in our church office in the Square.

Faith and the Blues



Messy Church in Cranshaws


Harvest Songs of Praise


New Minister


New Minister


We are delighted to announce that on Sunday 28th July Rev. Andrew J. Robertson was elected by the congregation of Duns and District Parishes as our chosen new Minister


Rev Andrew Robertson’s induction will be at Duns Parish Church at 7pm on

Friday 27th September


His first services will be Sunday 29th September: Duns (11am united service) + Allanton Village Hall (6pm Harvest Songs of Praise)



As usual we will be participating in many events during our civic week in July:

  • Sunday 7th (11am) – Kirkin’ O’ The Reiver in Duns Parish Church
  • Monday 8th & Tuesday 9th (10 - 11:30am) – Kirk Café in Duns Church Hall
  • Tuesday 9th (6:30pm) – Covenanters Stone Service atop Duns Law. Address by Rev Alan Cartwright and/or a guest minister. This year the Oration at the Bruntons will be by Kenneth McLean, our Session Clerk.
  • Wednesday 10th (2pm) – Strawberry Teas in Duns Church Hall
  • Thursday to Saturday – Photographic Society exhibition in Duns Church Hall
  • Saturday 13th (c7:30pm) – Return of the Standard to Duns Parish Church ending with traditional singing of Psalm 23 “The Lord’s My Shepherd”

Summer Songs photos

Edin's Hall Broch

Fijian Choir


Guild Outing May 2019

On 22 May, seventeen of our Guild members had a wonderful guided tour of Marchmont House followed by a delicious meal at the Blackadder Restaurant in Greenlaw. A glorious day shared together! Thanks be to God 🙏

Messy Church 

12th May 2019 in Duns 


Seaside Rock Activity Day Photos



February Activity Day




Thursday 13th December

19:00                 Longformacus Kirk                             Carols                                           


Sunday 16th December

11:00                 Duns Parish Church                            Nativity Service                        

11:30                 Cranshaws Parish Church                   Advent Service                         

16:00                 Bonkyl Parish Church                          Lessons & Carols                      


Tuesday 18th December

18:30                 Abbey St Bathans Kirk                         Carols                             


Friday 21st December

16:00                 Edrom Parish Church                       Christingle                                  


Sunday 23rd December

11:00                 Duns Parish Church                          United Family Service            

15:00                 Langton Parish Church, Gavinton     Lessons & Carols                      


Monday 24th December                   Christmas Eve

18:30                 Duns Parish Church                          Christingle                                  

19:00                 Cranshaws Parish Church                Lessons & Carols                     

23:30                 Duns Parish Church                          United Watchnight Service


Tuesday 25th December                  Christmas Day

11:00                 Duns Parish Church                          United Morning Service        


Sunday 30th December

11:00                 Duns Parish Church                          United Family Service



The Big Top Circus


Afternoon Tea with Prosecco!

Our church Afternoon Tea was a lovely event, with warm friendly atmosphere and lots of delicious goodies. Here are some of the photos to give you a taste of the day:





Acts of Remembrance

Sunday 11th November

Duns War Memorial            10:45am (before service)

Edrom War Memorial          11am (after the service)

Gavinton War Memorial       11am (after the service)

Preston War Memorial         3pm


To mark the centenary of the end of the Great War wreaths will also be laid at Polwarth War Memorial at 1:30pm, at Longformacus War Memorial at 2pm, and at Abbey St Bathans War Memorial at 2:30pm.


Our churches will be participating in the nationwide “Battle’s Over – Ringing Out for Peace” scheme. Bells will sound from 7pm until 7:14pm (19:14 hrs): marking the beginning and end of the First World War, and as a result tolling 1 second for each of the around 840 men from Berwickshire who gave their lives in the course of that conflict.



The Big Top Circus

We are excited to announce the date of our next activity day for Primary School aged children - Thursday 8th November.



Harvest Songs of Praise


Sponsored Hymn Sing

The Church choir would like to thank all those who sponsored them, or who donated on the night of their sponsored hymn sing 🎶
Many thanks also to those who came to support them with their singing 🎶
50 hymns were sung in two hours and the amazing total of £1,326 was raised.
Grateful thanks to all concerned



Choir Coffee Morning

DPC choir coffee morning 🍰 😁
Thanks to everyone for their support, we raised £565



The Early Gathering

The Early Gathering has continued to meet monthly over the summer, welcoming those who enjoy a more informal, interactive style of worship. The early morning breakfasts eaten together before our time of praise and hearing from our speaker has worked well creating an inclusive and friendly atmosphere. Following the success of meeting outdoors in June, August TEG was planned for Coldingham beach, meeting in the afternoon instead to take away pressures of time. Despite this summer’s beautiful weather, the afternoon was anything but beach-like however we enjoyed exploring our different perceptions of what church is and pondering on what it should/could be using what we found on the beach to illustrate our thoughts. We finished off by toasting marshmallows on the fire in the rain! For September we are back meeting in the church hall at 9 am for breakfast – we would love for our numbers to grow and anyone who would like to come and try will be warmly welcomed. Future dates are: 16th September, 21st October and 18th November




      No Strings Attached


Puppet workshop for Primary School Kids

Come along to Duns Parish Church on July 18th 10am – 3pm

No Charge

Application forms from Duns Primary School and Church Office 6A Market Square

 Bring a packed lunch

Making puppets in the morning and puppet theatre in the afternoon

Places are limited to 20 so booking essential




Evening with Rev Dr David Jull


Specialist in Children’s ministry

Duns and District Parish is holding an instructive and entertaining evening for all those throughout the Presbytery who are involved with Mission and Ministry of the young

July 17th at 7pm in Duns Church Hall

Refreshments will be served at a half way point

No Charge

Please contact the office for further details

01361 884502

Christian Aid Book Sale

A selection of second hand books will be on sale in 6A Market Square from 16th to 18th May, to raise money for this year's appeal: aid to the people of Haiti following the hurricane.



Guild Outing to St Abbs

We had a wonderful Guild outing on Wednesday 16th May, in the glorious sunshine!
Firstly we had a guided tour of St Abbs Lifeboat by Alisdair Crowe (pictured with us) and other lifeboat crew. It was amazing to see ‘behind the scenes’ and we learned a lot about how this local necessity, through the generosity of Thomas Tunnock and other supporters, were able to continue their proud tradition of saving lives at sea. We then went on to The Heather’s Restaurant at Eyemouth for a delicious fish and chip tea. A truly memorable day for all our faithful Guild members.




We are very sorry, but due to busyness of this time of year we have not been able to get the activity day planned, but hope to organise one for later in the year.

 Easter Dawn walk up Cockburn Law


Sunrise & Song  6.50am approximately on Easter Day 1st April on the top of Cockburn Law, with ‘Big Breakfast’ at the Dobies  after!

Leave from 3/4 mile up Burnhouses / Abbey road about 6.20am

Later - Cranshaws Kirk - "Family Easter Service" at 11.30am: All welcome;  relaxed time of friendship and coffee after.


Messy Church

Sunday 25th March, 4-6pm

Cranshaws Village Hall

Theme: The Good Shepherd. 

Join us for: walking stick making, stories, song and games + hot supper

Tel: 890 242 to book


Messy Church

4pm until 6:30pm on Sunday 25th February

Pancake Race and Supper

Here are some photos from the race:

Come and join us on Pancake Day

Tuesday 13th February


Pancake Race at 4:30 at the bottom of Murray Street

Races will start at 4.45 pm with races for different ages, young and old.

What to do:

1. Bring your own frying pan

2. Dress up in fancy dress, if you dare!

3. Turn up and register

4. Pay your entry fee - 50p for under 12’s £1.00 for over 12’s

Prizes for races and for fancy dress!

followed by

Pancake Supper at 5.30 pm Duns Church Hall

2 large filled pancakes ... one savoury and one sweet

Lovely meal for all the family!  £5 adults / £2.50 kids


On the Farm Activity Day











Here are some pictures so you can see what happened on the day:

Joan Sanderson's Commissioning Service and Afternoon Tea

Joan Sanderson is returning to

Africa to work in

Namibia on February 1st 2018


Join the people of Duns & District Parish

to wish her well & hear more about her plans and ministry


Sunday 28th January 2018

  • 11.00am Commissioning Service - Duns Parish Church


  • 3.00 - 4.30pm Afternoon Tea - Duns Parish Church Halls



Advent Calendar

Each day this Advent, starting 1st December, we journey with different characters in the Nativity through videos, reflection and prayers.


You can sign-up for the Church of Scotland online advent calendar here and you'll receive an email alert when the first window opens.

All are invited to join us for...

Mega Makers

Here's a flavour of what we got up to at our Primary School Activity day last week

Understanding Vision Day


***Event Postponed***

Saturday 21st October

Gavinton Church Hall


‘Exploring a vision for our extended congregation’

10.00 hrs                     Gather for tea and coffee

10.30 hrs                     Session 1

13.00 hrs                     Lunch

13.30 hrs                     Session 2

16.00 hrs                     Close

Guest speaker from Rural Ministries

To book your place email

Soup, tea, coffee and biscuits provided. Please bring your own sandwiches.

There is no charge for this event, but it would be helpful to know numbers for catering.

In-service Activity Day

Coming soon! Save the date: Thursday 9th November In-service Day running from 10 – 3pm in Duns Parish Church Hall for all primary age children, with more details coming soon...


Rural Ministries Conference

Duns Church Halls

Booking and more information here

Burns Sunday


Our service in Duns on Sunday 7th May will be themed as “Robert Burns Sunday” in celebration of the visit of Rabbie Burns to Duns Parish Church in May 1787, 230 years ago.  It was while worshiping in our church that our national poet garnered the idea of his poem ‘To a Louse’.


East Africa Emergency Appeal Coffee Morning

On 1st April a successful coffee morning was held in the parish church halls

With a great deal of support from many folks, the sum of £1000 was raised! This included the money from the soup lunch held the previous week. We also had many generous donations handed in.

A huge thank you to all who helped in any way.

Sunday Club leaving party for the Marshals





Great fun was had by all at Hurly Burly on Friday evening! We're going to miss you Hanneke and your lovely family!

Pancake Day Events
















 Pancake Race details:

Races will start at 4.45 pm with races for different ages, young and old.

What to do:

1. Bring your own frying pan

2. Dress up in fancy dress, if you dare!

3. Turn up and register

4. Pay your entry fee

    50p for under 12’s £1.00 for over 12’s

Prizes for races and for fancy dress!


Lent Study

Fleeting Shadows

Every Wednesday

March 1st – April 5th


Church Hall Gavinton



All welcome

Refreshments will be served

Note: Wednesday 8th March will be at 2:30 - 4pm


Details can be obtained from

Christine Taylor



Jungle Tales Activity Day

The Jungle Tales Activity Day proved so popular that the team were sorry not to be able to accommodate all those who wanted to come. The fun and fast moving programme, created and led by Mark Bruce of Berwickshire Christian Youth Trust, was thoroughly enjoyed by the 40 children who attended. Through active story telling the children explored two of the parables told by Jesus, took part in messy games, team challenges, craft activities and met some real live, but very friendly, jungle animals - a tortoise, a meer cat (not strictly jungle!), an armadillo and an albino python brought by Calum of Cool Creatures.

Here are some of the things we got up to...

The Early Service

19th February 2017


This week Ali Birkett is leading us at The Early Service. Ali has developed and runs Gateways, a fresh expression of church in the Hutton, Fishwick and Paxton Parishes so will be fascinating to hear but it would also be good to give support to TES our own more informal, modern service experiment.


Jungle Tales Activity Day

A few snapshots of our Pop up Nativity!







YOU are invited to:

Wednesday 14th December

7.00 pm     Longformacus Lessons and Carols


Sunday 18th December        Advent Sunday

09.45 am   Gavinton Kirk                Family Advent Service

11.00 am   Duns                              All-age Advent Celebration

4.00 pm     Bonkyl Kirk                    Service of Lessons & Carols


Wednesday 21st December

7.00 pm - 8.00 pm                           Abbey St Bathans Old Kirk,  Mulled wine, mince pies & carols   


Friday 23rd December

4.00 pm     Edrom Kirk                    Family Christingle Service


Christmas Eve   Saturday 24th December

6.30 pm     Duns                              Christingle Service

7.00 pm     Cranshaws Kirk              Carol Service

11.30 pm   Duns                              Watchnight Service


Christmas Day    Sunday 25th December

11.00 am   Duns           Christmas Day    United Family Service


New Year’s Day Sunday 1st January 2017

11.00 am   Duns           New Year United Family Service


Please note that there will be no services in any of the country churches on either Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.

Everyone is encouraged to join together in Duns


Come and join us as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour

“O come, let us adore him, Christ the Lord!”


Pop up Nativity

Duns and District Parishes are holding a Pop-Up Nativity for the whole community on Sunday 18th December at 11 am in Duns Parish Church. Following a fun script from the Bible Society called ‘the Well Good News of Christmas’ it is an opportunity for anyone to come dressed up as your favourite nativity character and join in the story and well known carols. No rehearsals needed and all free. Mincepies and coffee/tea served after the service.


Refuel 2017


Something to look forward to ... dreaming about nice sunny weather and a summer festival!

Visit The Filling Station website for more information

Desert Detectives

Over 30 children joined us in Duns Parish Church Hall to become 'Desert Detectives' on the recent school in-service day. Lead by Mark Bruce of Berwickshire Chrisitian Youth Trust and our own team, the youngsters who ranged from P1-P7, enthusiastically took part in a fun, action-packed programme of active story-telling, songs, crafts, messiness and games. They dug up ancient artefacts buried in the sand which were sent, with the help of Kyle the camel, to the professor who explained their finds via video link. In this way they discovered how God rescued his people from Egypt under Moses, then through the coming of Jesus and how he still rescues today through the work of the Holy Spirit. As well as the children having fun it is hoped that the day was of support to parents and carers.

Following the day's success and positive feedback we will look to organise a similar day on the next school in-service day which is on Friday 10th February.

Here's a bit more of a taster...

Service remembering those who have died


A short reflective service will be held at 3pm in Duns Parish Church to remember those who have died. There will be some hymns, readings and prayers and an opportunity to reflect and remember our loved ones. Names will be read out of those whose funerals our ministers have led during the past year, but the service is open to anyone who has been bereaved at any time and wishes to come. If you wish to make sure a name is read out, please email assistant minister Hanneke Marshall (



Desert Detectives

Primary Years Parenting Course

To give time for more parents or carers to sign up to the Primary Years course it is being postponed for another week. If enough sign up the first session will be Tuesday 1st November, from 1 to 3pm, in Duns Church Hall.

To book your place contact Beth on 07783 522766

Dinosaur Detectives

Cranshaws Village Hall, Saturday 8th October, 2.30pm

Clydebuilt Puppet Theatre are coming to Cranshaws Village Hall to perform Dinosaur Detectives this coming Saturday afternoonin which dinosaur detectives search for clues revealing the fascination, fun and conflict surrounding the finds of the first dinosaur bones.  With stunning puppets and props, the play is a must for every child who has become interested in dinosaurs (nearly every child in my experience!).

The performance is suitable for ages 5+, but younger children who are able to sit quietly and watch will be more than welcome.

So get the half term holiday off to a great start and bring along your children and your grandchildren and enjoy the play with them on Saturday afternoon.  There will be no charge for entry, but we will be making a collection at the end of the performance to help fund future children’s theatre events locally.  We will even offer you a cup of tea and a biscuit whilst the children look at interesting artefacts after the show, such as dinosaur fossils and fossilised dinosaur poo!

Celebrate the harvest with us...


Time out for parents




We know that being a parent can be both rewarding and challenging. Our courses are here to support and help you build a strong and secure relationship with your child, whatever their age.



DATE:                   MONDAYS FROM 17TH OCTOBER 2016 for 6 weeks


TIME:                   7.30-9.30pm

COST:                   £10 including handbook, tea and tray bake

BOOKING:           KAREN LERPINIERE 07500917114



DATE:                   TUESDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2016 for 6 weeks


TIME:                   1.00-3.00pm

COST:                   £10 including handbook, tea and tray bake

BOOKING:           BETH LANDON 07783522766



DATE:                     MONDAY 24TH OCTOBER 2016 for 7 weeks                  


TIME:                      7.30pm -9.30pm

COST:                     £10 including handbook, tea and tray bake

BOOKING:             DI MURRAY 0797810732


     Lammermuir Community Fund

Harvest Services

9th October

Edrom (9:45am),

Gavinton (9:45am)

Cranshaws (11:30am)


16th October

Bonkyl (9:45am)

Allanton Harvest Songs of Praise in Allanton Village Hall (6pm)


23rd October

Duns (11am)


Handing Anger in the Family - starts Tuesday 13th September




Longformacus Songs of Praise


Sunday 11th September

18.00 hrs

Lammermuir Heritage Centre, Longformacus Old Kirk 

Followed by refreshments

Everyone very welcome!

Alpha Course

Starts Tuesday 6th September 2016

All are welcome - please just turn up even if you haven't booked yet

Weekly on a Tuesday for 11 weeks

Gavinton Village Hall

12:30 til 2:30pm


The Early Service (TES)

Starts Sunday 4th September



An experiment in creating a relaxed worship setting

The brand new TES will be held in Duns Parish Church Hall from 9:30 til 10:30 am on first and thrid Sundays each month. All are very welcome!


Summer Songs of Praise in the Lammermuirs

Sunday 10th July

Abbey St Bathans

 An opportunity for the whole extended congregation, young and old, to relax and enjoy some time together. 

We hope to have … 

Bouncy Castle,Tug-of-war, Family Games 

3.00 pm       Walkers meet up for a wander up to Edin's Hall Broch 

5.00 pm       Family BBQ with fun and games 

6.30 pm       Songs of Praise in the Old Kirk

If you would like to attend please email to give us an idea of numbers - thanks!


Marking The First Day of the Somme - 1st July

At 07.30 hrs on 1st July 1916

whistles sounded along the

Western Front

as 11 British – French Divisions

began to advance

in what is still regarded as

the darkest day in British Military history


This Friday, 100 years later,

we will gather at 07.30 hrs

at Duns War Memorial

for a short Commemoration

of the First Day of the Somme


There will be a whistle blast at 07.30 hrs

to mirror that fateful moment


“We will remember them”

Armed Forces Day Sunday Service - 26th June

Sunday 26th June 2016

11.00  Duns Parish Church

Armed Forces Day Sunday Service


“The eve of the First day of the Somme”


The service will provide an opportunity to Reflect as well as to Remember, and to Recommit to avoid us ever Repeating.


Street Party - Sunday 12th June



Queens 90th Birthday Celebration - Sunday 12th June


Christian Aid Week 2016 - 15th-21st May

Christian Aid week


We're pleased to again be supporting Chistian Aid week. This year it's busier than ever in Duns and District Parishes.

Find out what's going on below.

Sunday 15th May  

Soup Lunch, Duns Parish Church Hall after the service.

1.30pm Short Sponsored walk round the Lake, Duns (sponsor sheets available from Shirley McColm or at the church)

6.30pm United Service at Duns Parish Church

Monday 16th May  

The ‘Trolley Dollies’ visiting Duns businesses  

10am  Turnbull Court coffee morning.

Tuesday 17th May  

12.30-2pm  Gavinton Church Hall, Soup lunch and short Christian Aid meditation

Wednesday 18th May 

2.30pm  Afternoon Tea at Mollans, Quixwood (directions available from Mary 840385)

Thursday 19th May  

12.30-2pm  Gavinton Church Hall, Soup lunch and short Christian Aid meditation     

Friday 20th May  

2-4pm  Garden Teas at Ann and John Davidsons, Humbleknowe, Duns

Saturday 21st May  

10am-12noon  Duns Parish Church Hall United Churches coffee morning (sales table, cake stall and raffle)  


28th August 2015 - Annual Review 2014 - 15

Download the Duns and District Parishes Annual Review to find out all that has happened through a busy year in the Parishes.

 View full report



25th August 2015 - Summer Holiday Club Update

Holiday club

'BLAST OFF' was the regular cry coming from Duns Parish Church from 11th-13th August as around 30 would-be astronauts enjoyed the 'Space Academy' Holiday Club. Over the 3 days the primary school aged children explored the Bible stories of Daniel and his friends trusting their God in the alien (to them) culture of Babylon and being saved from danger in miraculous ways, did spacey crafts, sang songs and took part in crazy team challenges as well as being entertained by Rev Cole Maynard and his talking puppets!

Duns parish church holiday club


'Spaceship Duns' was ably steered through by Captain Mark Bruce of BCYT with the help of the enthusiastic team. The club rounded off on Thursday with a barbecue and fun afternoon with bouncy castle, face painting and games for all families and friends. 


30th June 2015 - Summer Holiday Club 2015

Space academy

Every year for the past number of years we have run a Summer Holiday Club for primary school age children during the last week of the holidays. This year's Club is to be held from 11th - 13th August and will be using the Scripture Union material 'Space Academy'. This theme involves children as astronauts-in-training making amazing discoveries about God through the exploration of the early chapters of Daniel. This is done in creative ways through story-telling, games, craft and challenges which are fun and engaging for children of all ages and abilities. Each day the session will run from 10 am until 2 pm with a short break for lunch at midday - the children should bring their own packed lunch.

download holiday club brochure Download the Summer Holiday Club Flier

download holiday club brochure Download the booking form

Booking forms are available through the primary school and once completed should be returned to the post box in the school foyer before the holidays begin or Romanes Chemist thereafter. The cost of £5 per child for the 3 day club is payable on the first day. Family and friends are warmly invited to join their children for a BBQ and Fun Day with bouncy castle, face painting and games on the Thursday afternoon from 2- 4pm in the church car park. (Please note all children at the BBQ must be accompanied by a parent/adult)

For more information, call Sally on 01361 882147.

As usual this does not happen without a considerable team of helpers. If you would be interested in being part of that team

There is a meeting for the team and preparation of activities/crafts on Monday 3rd August in the Church Hall at 7pm.

All teens and adults who are interested in being part of the team are encouraged to attend.  

We need everything from musicians to artists, cooks to team leaders, noisy people to quiet people.

You don’t need to be able to help EVERY day to be of value!!


26th April 2015 - Gallipoli 100 Service

 20th March 2015 -  Ian White Concert

This year we are pleased to welcome Ian White who is very well know to many of you.  Ian has played a hugely important role across Scotland and beyond with his worship leading and song writing.  All the way from the Psalms to his most recent album REACH ACROSS

A concert with Ian White at Duns Parish Church on Friday 20th March at 7:00pm.  

Tickets £6:00 in advance from or £8:00 at the door.  Telephone Sales 0333 123 0880.  Refreshments will be served during the interval.


1st March 2015 - Read our March Newsletter

 March Newsletter

17th Feb 2015 -  Pancake Races and Supper

Shrove Tuesday 17th February 2015, Come and join the fun! You are invited to......Pancake Races followed by a Pancake Supper.  Registration starts at 4:15pm at the bottom of Murrays Street.

What to do: Turn up and register, pay your entry fee 50p for under 12's and £1:00 for over 12's, Bring your own frying pan, Dress up in fancy dress, if you dare!

Participants will race from the bottom of Murray Street up to the Market Cross.  Individual and Team entries welcome.  

Prizes for Races and for fancy dress.  Proceeds for Friends of the Knoll Hospital.

Pancake supper is 2 large filled savoury and one sweet £5:00 per person.  5:30pm Duns Church Hall.



17th Dec 2014 - Forget-Me-Not-Cafe

Plans are well under way for the creation of a Dementia Friendly Cafe in Duns.  It is likely that it will meet monthly in Duns Church Hall with the first meeting being on Thursday 22nd January 2.00 - 3.30 pm.  This initiative has been encouraged by Duns Rotary Club and Alzheimer's Scotland


10th Dec 2014 - American Familiarisation Programme

Rev Jeff Martin has now arrived in Berwickshire.  We have rented a property in Swinton for Jeff and his wife Lynn, and boys Asher and Declan.  Jeff will work with Stephen as Assistant Minister for the best part of a year. During this time Jeff, who is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of USA, will learn how the Kirk operates and will move towards being able to apply for his own charge towards the end of 2015.
We wish Jeff and the family every blessing during their time with us in Duns and District.


1st Nov 2014 - Read Our November 2014 Newsletter

Download our Winter 2014/15 newsletter from the link below. You will need the Adobe Acrobat viewer to read this file if you don't already have it installed.

 November 2014 to February 2015